Youngest Wall Street Superstar: Slow Learning Kid Outdoes Top Professionals With Self-Taught Skills

15-year-old genius, Andy Nicks, is a celebrated Wall Street superstar thanks to his remarkably accurate investment calls. His attempts to save his family from sleeping on the streets amidst the financial crisis has earned him international headline fame in major finance news channels.

However, his story had a difficult start. When Andy was 8, he was diagnosed with ADHD and struggled to learn in school. As time went by, he fell further and further behind in his studies.

“He could never follow instructions like other kids.”
“He’s unable to focus for more than 5 minutes.”
“And he often interrupts the class by banging tables and stomping around.”

– Mr. Jackson, Class teacher

Andy’s Bleak Future

One day, Andy’s father, Joseph was summoned to the school. The principal explained to him that they could not tolerate Andy’s problematic behaviour anymore. Andy was expelled from the school that day.

Hopeful, he enrolled Andy into another school, only to be kicked out again a few weeks later for similar reasons. So, Joseph was forced to look at other options: more schools, special group studies, one-on-one tutor, and even visited behavioural therapists. But still, NOTHING worked!

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

One day, Joseph was called in by the new school, again. There, he met Dr. Kate Brightman, one of the top child psychologists in the country.

“I have been dealing with ADHD kids for over 23 years now, I think Andy would really benefit from using IMIEUX™.”

“It is a vetiver essential oil formulation made of plant resin and extracts which are the most powerful parts of the plant.”

“Studies have concluded that exposure to vetiver natural scent enhances various brain functions.”

“IMIEUX™ users show clear sign of increased alertness and focus.”

“When inhaled, the micro droplets are carried to the lungs where they enter the circulatory system as well as the brain via the limbic system which enhances oxygenation and regulate brain activities.”

“Thus, helping to reduce mental fatigue for adults and kids alike.”

“Research also showed that vetiver oil delivers calming, anti-anxiety effects, thanks to the high levels of the calming compound, sesquiterpenes.”

“The combination of all these properties have tremendously enhanced the cognitive functions of my patients.”

– Dr. Kate Brightman

A Leap Of Faith

Joseph was doubtful at first, but with nothing to lose, he decided to give it a go.

Sometimes, he’d massage it on Andy’s temples; other times, he’d use it with a diffuser.

To everyone’s surprise, Andy started to show improvements!

His attention span increased from 5 to 20 minutes in a few days, he was able to absorb everything he read.

After using IMIEUX™ for a week, he could read a book without leaving his seat.

When The Student Becomes The Master

Joseph then took the opportunity to introduce him to some of his investing books. To his surprise, candlestick charts, financial reports and trading theories fascinated young Andy. That’s when he fell in love with all things finance and investing.

One month later, he started to dive into trading all by himself, advancing into technical and fundamental analysis.

“It felt like my brain fog was cleared up and I was able to focus on learning what I love!”

– Andy Nicks

Andy was passionate about his newfound interest, so Joseph taught him everything he knew as a broker himself. Soon after, Andy’s trading knowledge even surpassed Joseph. It became evident when they playfully bet with each other on market trends. As it turned out, Andy was right on the money every time!

However, good things didn’t last long for the Nicks’ family. Their lives took a sharp turn in 2019.

When The Market Dipped, Andy Prevailed

That year, the stock market was a disaster for Wall Street. Joseph’s company made a wrong bet and suffered a huge loss. Not long after, Joseph was retrenched and was unable to find another job.

In just a few months’ time, the Nicks’ family went from well-to-do to “barely hanging”. They were practically living on social security alone.

Andy saw how things unfolded in the family. Painful for him to watch, he knew he had todo something. So, he asked his father for $500 to invest.

“Usually, I would call him crazy.”

“But in that moment, I saw the fire in his eyes.”

“It felt like he had grown up overnight so I gave my last $500 to him to trade.”

– Joseph Nicks

Andy spent 3 to 4 hours a day in front of the computer after school, scribbling numbers and making notes. His father couldn’t believe that this was the kid that was kicked out by schools for not being able to focus.

Then, the unthinkable happened! He made $10,000 in his first week of trading!

“I was shocked when he showed me the screen.”

“He did better than most of the professional traders I know in Wall Street!”

– Joseph Nicks

1 month later, Andy made $180,000! His performance surprised everyone. Witnessing this problematic, “slow” kid single-handedly kept the family afloat, Joseph was immensely proud of his son. Andy had been juggling between studying and trading ever since.

Hitting The Bull’s Eye

Now at age 15, he has become a sensational trader in the stock markets and has been breaking profit records month after month. To date, he has racked up more than $2 million in total earnings. His story has since been making financial news headlines around the world.

“I couldn’t have done it without my father and of course, Clarinoil™.”

“I am forever grateful for them for my achievement.”

– Joseph Nicks

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