“Wonder Kid” Born And Raised In Jail Becomes The Youngest Tech Genius

At age 7, Neto triumphed over all difficulties with IQ as high as 158, making him one of the youngest scientists around the world.

Neto Pintado was born in jail, his mother had to serve 10 years of jail time while being pregnant. Neto spent the first few years of his life in the cell with his mom. Despite being behind bars, he became the light and life amongst the other inmates.

Going To School

As he grew older, he started attending the prison’s own elementary school. And soon, teachers in school realized this ‘light’ was not without its darkness.

“Neto had trouble learning and focusing in class. We’ve tried conducting classes through different means, like using music, art and nature. He still couldn’t sit still, disturbing the entire class. Whatever he learns, he forgets within hours.”

– school principal

By then, Neto has reached the age where he must leave the prison. But the problem was, Neto and his mother didn’t have any other family members. There was simply no one out there to take him.

Seeing this, Dorine Melissa, a teacher in the prison’s elementary school decided to be Neto’s guardian until his mother finishes jailtime. At first, Dorine didn’t believe there was any problem with Neto, until doctors said otherwise.

Neto was diagnosed with ADHD. Doctors said that he couldn’t sit still or focus for more than 7 minutes. And he wouldn’t be able to properly learn in his lifetime.

Doctors Gave Up, But His Tutor Wouldn’t

Dorine tried all ways to help Neto, bringing him to cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), social skills training, along with medication and supplements. But nothing worked!

Despite that, Dorine was determined to ensure Neto had proper education so that Neto could have a better life than his mother.

One day, she decided to sit Neto in her study room as she researched. The room was filled with the scent of ylang-ylang. Somehow, Neto sat still for more than 30 minutes without noise!

Dorine was so surprised.

Since then, she brought him to the room every day to help him study. After a while, Neto gradually become calmer and more attentive. He was so different than the days when he was in the prison’s elementary school.

“Whenever I smell it, I felt more relaxed and focused. It is incredible, like a part of my brain has opened up. Since then, I manage to learn things very quickly. I was literally like a sponge, soaking up everything I see.”

– Neto

IMIEUX™ Essential Oil

The smell of ylang-ylang came from IMIEUX™ Oil. Dorine usually drops some into a diffuser whenever she needs to focus.

IMIEUX™ is the creation of renown researcher, Dr. Brycen Baishan. It is the concentrated ylang-ylang oil from Southeast Asia. Sourced from the Cananga Odorata tree, the plant has been hailed for its effectiveness as a concentration aid for generations.

The sweet, floral scent of IMIEUX™ is meditative and calming. By inhaling the scent or massaging it into your skin, it sends message to the limbic system in the brain, stimulating and activating our brain cells, which influences our emotions to elevate our mood and calm our minds.

Thus, it boosts our cognitive functioning, helping us think and process things faster and better.

The Road To Wonder Kid

After a few tutoring sessions, Dorine noticed Neto’s strength in Science and Technology. She enrolled him in a young scientist competition, in which he came out champion, topping kids well over his age!

Shocked at the results, Dorine brought Neto to an IQ test. He scored a high 158!

At age 7, Neto learnt the introduction to programming in Java, Javascript, Python, HTML, CSS and database administration fundamentals. He even cleared a globally recognized technology examination.

“Neto is a wonder boy, he learned programming all by himself! He picked up the essence of coding just within a few days. For an adult to achieve it is a big deal, so for a kid like Neto to do it, it is even so mind-blowing and rare indeed.”

– Dorine

Neto was invited to join a team of innovative scientists to develop a technology that predicts big earthquakes and save lives, making Neto one of the youngest scientists around the world.

Tables Have Turned For This Tech Wizard

“I can’t change the fact that I was born in jail, a place that is negatively perceived, but I can change how I want to live the rest of my life. Given my rocky journey, I hope to use technology to help better people’s lives, because no one is born wasted, every life is worth living.”

“I hope my story can prove that everybody can be somebody.”

– Neto

Neto dedicated this achievement to his tutor, Dorine for not giving up on him and to his mom for bringing him into the world despite all the struggles. Thanks to IMIEUX™, Neto is now achieving greater heights than any ordinary kid would.

Although he had a minor setback earlier, this genius looks destined for great things on the world stage in years to come.

Join Neto and 29,378 people around the world to improve cognitive abilities and focus better. Enliven your mind and spirit, achieve better clarity with IMIEUX™.