Diabetea® - the natural choice 

for diabetics

DiabeTea® - the natural choice for diabetics

Made from the goodness of red guava leaves and fruits, DiabeTea® is entirely natural, ensuring a 100% natural composition.


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Buy 3Buy 4Buy 10
RM237.00 RM158.00

Each batch of DiabeTea undergoes rigorous third-party testing to guarantee both quality and overall well-being. This commitment to quality comes at an affordable price, ensuring accessibility without compromising excellence.

Each box includes 30 tea bags in individually foil-wrapped sachets, each weighing 2g. For optimal results, consume 2 sachets daily after meals.

all natural, plant-based ingredients 

2 main ingredients

guava leaves

DiabeTea's guava leaf tea is a special blend using different parts of the guava tree. The flower buds add sweetness and nutrition to make each tea bag valuable. Guava sprouts make the taste smoother and bring the fragrance of guava, supporting blood circulation and reducing blood vessel fat. Young leaves, packed with  antioxidants, help reduce sugar absorption; While old leaves contain substances for antibacterial protection. Together, these elements create a tasty and health-promoting tea in DiabeTea's guava leaf blend.

guava fruit

DiabeTea consists of the finely grinded red guavas that are loaded with nutrients,  has more Vitamin C than oranges and rich in fibre and antioxidants. It has been shown to have a number of great health benefits, including helps maintain stable blood sugar levels, weight loss, improve digestion, boost immune system, and cell repair. Considering all this, adding DiabeTea to a balanced diet is beneficial for managing 3 highs, improving regular bowel movements and promoting overall health.

Only The Freshest Tea Leaves & Fruit Make It To Gem DiabeTea®


Screening and Classification

Every leaf and pulp is fully handpicked for our tea. We then carefully choose the best leaves and fruits through a screening process. This attention to detail guarantees the high quality of our Guava leaf tea.


Drying Tea

After picking, the leaves are spread out to reduce moisture. Then, they are sent into our drying machine that uses controlled heat and airflow to remove the rest of the moisture. After drying, the leaves are let to cool and rests before being checked for quality.


grind into powder scripture

The grinding of leaves and fruits involves using a special machine with sharp parts to break them down into a fine powder.  This process helps capture the flavors and benefits of the guava leaves and fruit in a convenient powdered form.


Packaging into tea bag

The process involves selecting appropriate porous tea bags for packaging, precisely measuring and filling them with the powdered guava tea and fruit mixture, and securely sealing the open end using heat-sealing equipment to prevent any leakage during brewing


sterilize & store into box

The process involves sterilizing guava tea bags to remove any harmful microorganisms. After sterilization, the tea bags are inspected for quality and then stored in boxes for safekeeping. This ensures that the tea bags are clean and ready for use.

6 Main Benefits of Diabetea®

 Reduce High Blood Sugar

Inhibit the absorption of sugars in the body, helping to control blood sugar levels after meals.

Reduce High Blood Pressure

Its antioxidant properties lower and regulate blood pressure by helping to expand blood vessels.

Reduce Bad Cholesterol Level

Lower bad cholesterol while keeping the good cholesterol in balance.

 Lose Weight Naturally

Its low-calorie content and fiber controlling and reducing blood sugar to achieve weight loss.

Improve Limb Numbness

Incredibly rich in potassium that is important for healthy nerve function.

Prevent Cardio Disease and Stroke

Help in reducing cholesterol and high blood pressure that are reasons for heart diseases and stroke. 

Who Should Consume

High blood sugar/ diabetic Patient

High blood Pressure Patient

High cholesterol patient

Always Having Limb numbness

And also if you

Want to lose weight

Has Cardio health Problem

Has Poor digestion

Wish to improve Immune System

What Our Customers Say

What Our Customers Say


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What is Serori Booster?

Introducing our Serori Booster, a potent blend of natural ingredients designed to complement DiabeTea for enhanced effectiveness in stabilizing the three highs: high blood sugar, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.

Made from six key ingredients:

✅ Celery Seed Extract: Contains 50 times more celery seed elements than regular celery.

✅ Olive

✅ Curcumin

✅ Aloe Vera

✅ Green Tea

✅ Vitamin B

How to drink

1. Take one pack per day before meals.

2. Mix with warm water for best results.

Experience the amplified benefits of DiabeTea and Serori Booster together, targeting blood pressure and cholesterol reduction while supporting your journey to better health.

3 Steps To Consume

one day 2 sachets, after meal

Step 1

Soak a teabag of DiabeTea® into a cup.

Step 2

Pour 150-250ml of hot water into the cup.

Step 3

Stir thoroughly until the color of the tea bag is released.

Step 4

Let it sit for 5 minutes. Stir evenly. Can be drunk warm or cold.

Step 1

Soak a teabag of DiabeTea® into a cup.

Step 2

Pour 150-250ml of hot water into the cup.

Step 3

Stir thoroughly until the color of the tea bag is fully released.

Step 4

Let it sit for 5 minutes. Stir evenly. Can be drunk warm or cold.

Frequently Asked Questions

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When will I notice a difference after I start drinking DiabeTea?

Typically, you may begin to notice improvements after 1-2 months of daily Diabetea consumption. However, the timeframe can vary based on individual body conditions

How do I drink DiabeTea, and how much should I have each time?

For individuals with 3 highs, it is recommended to consume 2 sachets of Diabetea daily – once in the morning and once in the evening after meals. If you are taking medication/supplement, please ensure a minimum interval of 1 hour between Diabetea and your medication/supplement

Is it okay to drink DiabeTea even if I don't have the health issue it's meant for?

Absolutely! You can enjoy Diabetea daily, similar to wellness tea – simply have one sachet each day.

Does DiabeTea have any side effects?

Clinical trials have been conducted to assess the impact of guava on '3 highs,' and no side effects have been reported. Since our tea is made from guava leaves and pulp, 100% natural, there's no need to worry!

Can I safely drink DiabeTea while taking medication?

Yes, you can. Our tea is 100% natural, so it won't cause any chemical reactions with medication. However, please ensure to consume the tea at least one hour after taking your medicine.

If I'm feeling better, can I stop taking my medicine?

As DiabeTea is not a medication, we do not recommend you to stop taking your existing medicine. However, we advise you to consult your doctor or health care practitioner regarding this matter.

How is DiabeTea® different from making guava leaf tea at home?

Each sachet of Diabetea teabag is precisely and carefully filled with suitable amount of the grinded red guava tea leaves and fruits.  Besides, it undergoes high temperature sterilization and drying processes to retain the leaf nutrients and making it a warming tea. 

When is the expired date?

All of our products are freshly packed. The expiry date is one and a half years from the manufacturing date